Virtual Issue: Antibiotic activities and mechanisms of resistance

Virtual Issue: Amyloids, prions and protein oligomers

Antibiotic resistance represents an urgent threat to health, food production systems and global economies. The scale of the problem has resulted in calls to arms issued by international health agencies and by the United Nations. Tackling this challenge requires multifaceted strategies targeting the use (and misuse) of existing antibiotics, as well as increasing the research and development pipeline leading to the introduction of new compounds into clinical practice. Molecular-level investigations of antibiotic activities and mechanisms of resistance represent a critical element in our response to the global challenge. The editors at JBC are proud to support research in this area; to that end, this virtual issue captures a snapshot of representative recent papers published from 2017-2019. We are grateful these researchers are rising to the challenge of antibacterial investigations and discovery, and look forward to publishing more research on this important topic.

The cover art shows the varied effect of tobramycin and carbenicillin, representative aminoglycoside and β-lactam antibiotics, on swarming and morphology phenotypes, as reported by Morales-Soto et al. Artwork created by Lisa Schnabel.

Assembled by Chris Whitfield; published August 2019

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