Truncation of CDK5 activator p35 induces intensive phosphorylation of Ser202/Thr205 of human tau.

Open AccessPublished:January 10, 2003DOI:
      Page 44529, Fig. 5: Fig. 5 is reproduced in color.
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      Figure 5Phosphopeptide map of phosphorylated tau after occlusion of phosphorylatable sites. Recombinant tau was phosphorylated by the CDK5 complexes with unlabeled ATP for 23 h, a period long enough to allow occlusion of most of the phosphorylatable sites; and then [γ-32P] ATP was added to an aliquot of the p35-CDK5 (Bottom) or p25-CDK5 (Top) preincubation mixture together with fresh CDK5 complex. After an additional incubation period, aliquots wree withdrawn and subjected to analysis. Autoradiographs with the BAS 2000II Bioimage analyzer (left panels) and their enhanced images (right panels) are shown. Top, after occlusion by the p25-CDK5 complex, addition of fresh p25-CDK5 complex induced 32Piincorporation into spot 1; Bottom, after occlusion by the p35-CDK5 complex, fresh p25-CDK5 complex induced 32Piincorporation into spots 1 and 2.