Requirement of BMP-2-induced phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and Akt serine/threonine kinase in osteoblast differentiation and Smad-dependent BMP-2 gene transcription.

Open AccessPublished:May 02, 2003DOI:
      Page 33367, Fig. 7: In panels A,B, and E, the “Ad GFP” should be replaced by “Ad β-gal.” Similarly, in the legend, “Ad GFP” should read “Ad β-gal.” The corrected figure and legend are shown below.
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      Figure 7Expression of dominant-negative Akt blocks BMP-2-induced nuclear translocation of BMP-specific Smad. 2T3 cells in chamber slides were infected with 100 m.o.i. Ad β-gal (panels A and B) or Ad DN Akt (panels C and D) for 24 h before incubation with BMP-2 as described under “Experimental Procedures.” The cells were stained with anti-Smad5/1 antibody as described under “Experimental Procedures.” Panel E shows immunoblot analysis of adenovirus-infected cell lysates with anti-HA antibody to demonstrate expression of dominant-negative Akt.