Specialized function of yeast Isa1 and Isa2 proteins in the maturation of mitochondrial [4Fe-4S] proteins.

Open AccessPublished:October 27, 2017DOI:
      VOLUME 286 (2011) PAGES 41205–41216
      There were several errors in this article. In Fig. 2E, the Rip1 immunoblots from Gal-ISA1 and Gal-ISU1 cells were unintentionally duplicated. In Fig. 3E, the Lys4-HA immunoblots were inadvertently mixed up. Additionally, the wrong Isa2 immunoblot for Gal-ISA2 cells was used. In Fig. 7B, the top portion showed the wrong immunoblot for the porin loading control. Both the porin and Isa1 immunoblots were replaced from a replicate experiment. In the lower portion of Fig. 7B, the two immunoblots were accidentally flipped horizontally. These errors have now been corrected and do not affect the results or conclusions of the work.