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Withdrawal: Tissue-specific autophagy alterations and increased tumorigenesis in mice deficient in Atg4C/autophagin-3

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      • Tissue-specific Autophagy Alterations and Increased Tumorigenesis in Mice Deficient in Atg4C/Autophagin-3
        Journal of Biological ChemistryVol. 282Issue 25
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          Atg4C/autophagin-3 is a member of a family of cysteine proteinases proposed to be involved in the processing and delipidation of the mammalian orthologues of yeast Atg8, an essential component of an ubiquitin-like modification system required for execution of autophagy. To date, the in vivo role of the different members of this family of proteinases remains unclear. To gain further insights into the functional relevance of Atg4 orthologues, we have generated mutant mice deficient in Atg4C/autophagin-3.
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      VOLUME 282 (2007) PAGES 18573–18583
      This article has been withdrawn by the authors upon request from the Journal. The Journal raised questions regarding Fig.1C. In Fig. 1C, actin lanes appeared to be duplicated, and the original data for this panel were not available. The authors state that a new experiment was performed using RNA from mouse tissues in WT and Atg4C-deficient animals. The authors assert that all of the results reported in this article are valid, some of which are supported by a subsequent report by another group (Li et al. (2011) J. Biol. Chem. 286, 7327).