Virtual Issue: Focus on Australasia

Virtual Issue: Focus on Australasia

Scientific researchers "down under" have helped define and direct numerous fields, and the Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function has long played a critical role in fostering communication and pushing the boundaries of biological chemistry. In honor of this community, and specifically the 43rd iteration of this seminal conference series, we’ve collected a snapshot of recent papers from authors in Australia and New Zealand in this virtual issue. The conference, held February 4-8, 2018, tackles several timely subthemes that have been captured as topical categories below.

The cover art shows the first structure of a non-processive pectin methylesterase, in this case from the fungus Aspergillus niger bound to a decasaccharide substrate. This and other structures, as well as a dynamics simulation analysis that shed light on the motions of processive vs. non-processive enzymes, were reported by Kent et al. Artwork created by Valery Masterson.

Assembled by Catherine Goodman; published February 2018

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Regulation and signaling

Protein assemblies

Folding and quality control

Membrane proteins

Dynamics and movement

Engineering and design