The year in JBC: 2017

The year in JBC: 2017

The editors are pleased to present this collection of papers as our look back on “The year in JBC,” including new mechanisms in RNA regulation and autophagy, unexpected roles for protein substructures, novel ways to interrogate cellular metabolism, and surprising pathways to and locations of common and rare sugars. While no group this small can fully capture the extent of exciting advances and new insights reported in the nearly 2,000 papers published in 2017, these articles are emblematic of the outstanding discoveries across JBC’s scientific scope. The papers in this collection have been made freely available — download and read them today!

The cover art shows a collage of the first virally encoded sugar N-acetyltransferase (reported by Piacente et al.), fluorescence data and kymographs exploring the fate of the secretase BACE1, which initiates amyloid-β formation, during autophagy (studied by Feng et al.) and the open conformation of the unusual decarboxylase UbiD (as investigated by Marshall et al.). Artwork created by Valery Masterson.

Download PDF: Highlights of 2017

Assembled by the editors of JBC; published January 2018

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