The year in JBC: 2018

The year in JBC: 2018

The editors are pleased to present these papers as representing “The year in JBC” for 2018. These studies explore the importance of location, in examining secreted factors and cell type-specific functions, the importance of technology, in enabling new assessments of mouse development and plant metabolite interactions, and the importance of motivations, as seen by the many links to health and disease across the titles, and more. While no collection this small can fully capture the contributions from JBC’s many authors, these articles showcase some of the exciting science published this year. The papers in this collection have been made freely available - download and read them today!

The cover art shows a collage of HEK293T cells expressing Tau mutants (reported by Strang et al.), a reconstructed trajectory of mouse epithelial development (studied by Sun et al.), the novel KRas conformation captured by a newly reported miniprotein (reported by McGee et al.) and a new model for how the plant protein Rx1 affects transcriptional reprogramming (as investigated by Townsend et al.). Artwork created by Valery Masterson.

Assembled by the editors of JBC; published January 2019

Download PDF: Highlights of 2018

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