The year in JBC: 2019

The year in JBC: 2018

The editors are pleased to present this collection as representing “The year in JBC” for 2019. These outstanding studies provide important advances in existing fields, such as new insights into the initial species and subsequent aggregates of proteins involved in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and push the boundaries of emerging fields, such as exploring how intracellular trafficking and autophagy impact those same neurodegenerative culprits and how phase separation plays a role in aggregation events and gene regulation. Find out how different bacterial species go on the attack using unconventional glucosyltransferases and extracellular vesicles, how they protect themselves from host molecules, and how they seemingly attack themselves to maintain latent infections. Catch up on new paradigms in PKA signaling, new tools for protein degradation and CRISPR editing of mammalian cells, a new role for a little-known RNA, and more. While no collection this small can capture the many contributions from JBC’s authors, these articles showcase a few of our favorites from this year. The papers in this collection have been made freely available - download and read them today!

The cover art shows a checkerboard of endocardial-derived cushion mesenchymal cells labeled with a transcription factor-recombinase fusion protein (reported by Huang et al.), the assembly of different a-synuclein species in primary hippocampal neurons (studied by Froula et al.), a molecular dynamics simulation of how the Pseudomonas quinolone signal inserts into bacterial membranes to initiate outer-membrane vesicle formation (explored by Li et al.), the superimposed structures of three glycans in CD23-bound form and a comparison of cow and human CD23, which do and do not bind glycans, respectively (determined by Jégouzo et al.), and the DNA double-strand break repair protein Ctp1 bridging two DNA strands (as reported by Andres et al.). Artwork created by Vic De Luz and Joanna Kotloski.

Assembled by the editors of JBC; published January 2020

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