Virtual Issue: Diabetes, obesity and the metabolic syndrome

Virtual Issue: Diabetes, obesity and the metabolic syndrome

Diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance are major health issues affecting more than a 30 percent of the population in the United States and most other western countries, and is a growing epidemic throughout the world. These related diseases are all marked by alterations in the integrative control of glucose and lipid homeostasis through complex metabolic networks within specific cells and crosstalk between tissues such as adipose, liver, skeletal muscle, the immune system, beta cells and hypothalamic neurons. This virtual issue highlights new findings in the molecular regulation of adipocyte and liver metabolism as well as new insights in the cellular, tissue and whole body integration of carbohydrate metabolism and energy balance. While the author versions of the research papers are always freely available, as with all JBC content, the redacted versions of these articles have also been made free. We hope you enjoy the collection!

The cover art shows the general aspects of cycling by the GLUT4 glucose transporter in adipocytes and muscle cells, as reviewed by Klip et al. Artwork created by Lisa Schnabel.

Assembled by Jeffrey Pessin; published September 2019

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