Virtual issue: Epigenetic regulation in JBC

Virtual issue: Epigenetic regulation in JBC

Over the past decade, there has been an explosion in the study of epigenetic regulation, including but not limited to histone modification, DNA methylation, and expression of small noncoding RNA species. Epigenetic regulation provide an adaptive layer of control in the regulation of gene expression that enables an organism to adjust to a changing environment. Epigenetic regulation also increases the functional complexity of DNA by altering chromatin structure, nuclear organization, and transcript stability. As a leader in publishing high-quality science in biochemistry and molecular biology, the JBC has captured a significant amount of research in this exciting field over the years.

In this virtual issue, we have selected 10 articles published in the JBC over the last few years to celebrate the advances in this important and fast-moving field.

Artwork by Luciana Giono.

Assembled by Alex Toker and Chengmin Jiang; published September 2022

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