Virtual issue: ESCRT biology in JBC

Virtual issue: ESCRT biology in JBC

Over the past decade, there has been an explosion in the number of processes known to be ESCRT-mediated, including endosomal protein trafficking, cytokinetic abscission, closure of the post-mitotic nuclear envelope, enveloped virus budding, exosome biogenesis, neuronal pruning and membrane repair. Furthermore, ESCRT-like systems have recently been discovered in archaea and bacteria, making this one of the most highly conserved machines in nature. As a leader in publishing scientific discoveries in biochemistry and molecular biology, the JBC has captured a significant amount of scientific development in this field over the years.

In this virtual issue, we have selected 9 articles published in the JBC over the last few years to celebrate the advances in this important and fast-moving field.

Artwork by Luciana Giono.

Assembled by Chengmin Jiang; published April 2022

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