Virtual Issue: The eukaryotic cytoskeleton

Virtual Issue: eukaryotic
The cytoskeleton plays a number of critical roles in eukaryotic cells, such as defining cell shape, enabling cell migration, and facilitating cell division, and when problems arise in this complex network, cellular and organismal dysfunctions quickly follow. JBC has long served as a cross-disciplinary platform for reporting new insights into the structure and inhibition of motor proteins, uncovering new roles for known proteins and even new proteins involved in cytoskeletal function, and revealing the mechanisms and consequences of cargo transport, among many other topics. This virtual issue captures these topics and more in a collection of papers published in JBC since 2018. While the author versions of the research papers are always freely available, as with all JBC content, the redacted versions of these articles have also been made free. We hope these papers help you stay on track in your own cytoskeletal explorations.

The cover art shows a generalized schematic of the kinesin stepping cycle with proposed states for premature detachment from the microtubule induced by the anesthetic propofol, as described by Woll et al.

Assembled by Enrique M. De La Cruz; published September 2020

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