Virtual Issue: Extracellular vesicles

Virtual Issue: Drug metabolism, transport and toxicity

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) have emerged as important mediators of cell-cell communication in both normal physiology and disease. Interest in their biogenesis and function has skyrocketed in the past few years as their involvement in such processes as immune signaling, tumor metastasis, and neurodegenerative disease as well as their potential as biomarkers of disease has increasingly caught the attention of a vibrant research community. To highlight recent advances in EV biology, we’ve collected research and reviews from the last three years in this virtual issue. While the author versions of the research papers are always freely available, as with all JBC content, the redacted versions of these articles have also been made free. We hope you enjoy the collection, and we look forward to publishing more papers that explain the mechanisms and function of these remarkable but still mysterious structures.

The cover art depicts a classical exosome biogenesis pathway, with α-synuclein as cargo, as depicted by Howitt and Hill. Artwork created by EJ Marklin.

Assembled by Phyllis Hanson; published June 2019

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Mechanisms of formation

Charting cargo

Vesicle functions