We mark the passing of two giants of JBC

Open AccessPublished:October 30, 2020DOI:
      JBC had editors-in-chief before Herbert Tabor, and others, like myself, will follow. But no one will ever match the incredible impact and melding of identity between the journal and the editor achieved by Tabor. His legacy at JBC has been captured and saluted by many; we list several links to these homages below. Here we will simply say that JBC is, to many, nearly synonymous with Herb Tabor. Over critical decades in the growth of JBC, he guided its vision, shaped key decisions such as becoming an on-line journal before others dreamed of it, and led with a quiet but firm clarity that all respected. More than forty years of his life were devoted to leadership of JBC. And even into his peri-centennial years, Tabor continued to contribute and serve as Co-Editor of JBC. Herb Tabor died this past August, a couple of months shy of his 102nd birthday. You can gain more insight into this giant of JBC and his amazing impact by perusing the following:
      We also mark a second great loss from the JBC family. The JBC leadership team includes a loyal and talented group of Associate Editors. One of these generous and dedicated scientists worked alongside Herb Tabor for many years and made indelible marks on the Journal's vision and the face it presents to the author and reader community: Bob Simoni, who died this past September. Simoni served JBC from 1987 to 2014 and had a huge impact on a generation of authors and readers. His ever-present smile was accompanied by sympathetic yet stringent consideration of papers reviewed on his watch. And he projected warmth and enthusiasm to the entire team of Associate Editors and Editorial Board Members during his service to the journal. Please see the following links for more context on Bob Simoni's career; you will find the video of Simoni's last class at Stanford shows vividly his commitment as an educator.
      We honor the extraordinary impact of these two scientists on the JBC we appreciate today, and we offer our deepest sympathies to the families of these two giants of JBC. Rest in peace, Herb Tabor (November 28, 1918 to August 20, 2020) and Bob Simoni (August 18, 1939 to September 18, 2020).