Virtual issue: Methods Madness: 2021

Virtual issue: Methods Madness: 2021

In March, sixteen prominent methods spanning the scope of biological chemistry were matched up in a winner-takes-all tournament, and scientists around the world got to decide which methods advanced to the next round. The competition in 2021 was fierce, but #TeamMassSpec emerged victorious, defeating last year’s winner #TeamCryo to claim the crown and be named the 2021 #JBCMethodsMadness champion! This virtual issue pays homage to the techniques that made it to the “Free Energy Four” (semifinals) of the tournament by highlighting insights and innovations that have resulted from their application. We selected some recent JBC papers that used mass spectrometry, cryo-EM/ET, live-cell imaging and x-ray crystallography that showcase the creative and versatile application of these methodologies. Moreover, as a Gold open access journal, all JBC articles are free so you won’t miss a moment. While no collection can capture all of the important methodologies that contribute to the advancement of science, we hope you enjoy this selection of papers as we look forward to next year’s JBC Methods Madness!

The cover art shows representations of our final four methodologies: live-cell imaging, x-ray crystallography/diffraction, mass spectrometry and cryo-EM (clockwise from top left). Cartoons by Vic De Luz. Artwork by Joanna Kotloski.

Assembled by Anand Rao; published April 2021

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