Virtual Issue: Omics of lipids, glycans and polar metabolites

Virtual Issue: Omics of lipids, glycans and polar metabolites cover

Metabolomics is a methodological framework that unites scientists studying the building blocks of life outside of the central dogma of DNA, RNA and protein polymers. These researchers have the difficult task of searching through and quantifying closely related small molecules, and navigating the complex glycans and tens of thousands of cellular lipids in their efforts to understand the biological production and purpose of these fascinating molecules. However, these efforts are paying off by redefining our understanding of cancer progression, developmental disorders and signaling mechanisms within and between cells, and more. The ASBMB journals – JBC, JLR and MCP – are proud to support scientists in this community by publishing exciting new insights and inspiring new techniques that fall under this broad umbrella, and this special collection highlights metabolomics studies published in these three journals since 2016. While the author versions of the research papers are always freely available, as with all ASBMB content, the redacted versions of these articles are also free through the end of July. We hope you enjoy these compelling studies, and look forward to seeing your metabolomics research in JBC, JLR and MCP!

The cover art shows a map of the metabolites affected by the expression of apolipoprotein C3, as reported by Zvintzou et al. Artwork by Valery Masterson.

Assembled by Edward A. Dennis, Gerald Hart and Catherine Goodman; published June 2018

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