Virtual Issue: Pluripotency regulation and differentiation

Virtual Issue: Pluripotency regulation and differentiation

Defining the biochemical features of stem cells is critical for improving our knowledge about early mammalian development and creating new opportunities for regenerative medicine. Biological chemists are playing key roles in advancing our understanding of mechanisms of these processes, and the editors at JBC are proud to support this vibrant community. To highlight new findings in pluripotency maintenance and acquisition and stem cell differentiation, we’ve captured reviews and recent papers from 2016-2019 in this virtual issue, the content of which is freely available. We hope you enjoy this collection, and we’ll be honored to see your exciting findings on pluripotency regulation and differentiation of ESCs published in JBC!

The cover art shows the interplay between pluripotency, differentiation and reprogramming. Cellular imagery created by Tran et al. Artwork created by EJ Marklin.

Assembled by Xiao-Fan Wang; published April 2019

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