Virtual Issue: Focus on South America

Virtual Issue: South America

There are few journals that can appreciate tradition like JBC, so reading the welcome letter from the president and vice president of the Brazilian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology describing their annual meeting as “one of the most traditional events in the Brazilian scientific community” warms our 114-year old heart. In honor of this conference’s storied past and the vibrant research future of the attendees, we’ve collected a snapshot of the scientific present in this virtual issue: recent papers from authors in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Chile. The conference, held May 14-17, 2019, tackles a multitude of timely themes, some of which are captured below. We’ve made these articles free to all; download and read them today!

The cover art shows a surface representation of the translocase outer membrane complex component Tom70, which binds to the chaperone Hsp90 as part of preprotein import into the mitochondria and which happens to look a bit like the South American continent. The specific interaction sites between the two proteins was explored by Zanphorlin et al. Artwork created by EJ Marklin.

Assembled by Catherine Goodman; published May 2019

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