Virtual issue: Structural biology

Virtual Issue: Structural biology

Seeing is understanding: Structural biology enables chemical and biological researchers to understand molecular processes and function at atomic resolution. Similarly, JBC focuses on gaining molecular-level insights into biological questions, and structural biology is critical for this mission. To honor this synergy, we’ve assembled a collection of research articles and reviews published in 2015-2017 that both improve our understanding of biomolecular structure and highlight the interplay between biological insights and advances in structural methodologies. While the published versions of the research papers are always freely available, as with all JBC content, the redacted versions of these articles are also free through the end of June 2017. We hope you enjoy this collection, and look forward to seeing your structural discoveries in JBC!

The cover art shows the structure of the pro-form of the pore-forming toxin Monalysin, as reported by Leone et al. Artwork created by Emily Huff.

Assembled by Norma Allewell, Wolfgang Peti and Catherine Goodman

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