JBC/Herb Tabor Young Investigator Award Program

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The JBC Herbert Tabor Early Career Investigator Awards honor Tabor’s invaluable contributions to science as a whole and to JBC specifically, where he served as editor-in-chief from 1971-2012. The awards recognize the innovators and achievers in new generations of researchers who exemplify Tabor’s values of creativity and scientific excellence.

From 2011-2017, awards were given by JBC associate editors to promising young researchers at scientific symposia and meetings throughout the year. Students, postdoctoral researchers, and untenured faculty members were eligible. The award included a crystal statuette and a $1,000 prize.

Learn more about previous award winners and their research:

2017 JBC/Tabor Young Investigator Award winners

  • Schlebach

    Jonathan Schlebach

    Assistant professor at Indiana University, Bloomington

    Award given at the Gordon Research Conference on Folding Biophysics, Design and Stabilization with Applications to Disease

  • Yang

    Emily Yang

    Graduate student at Duke University

    Award given at the North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee’s 28th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research

  • Ben-Johny

    Manu Ben-Johny

    Postdoctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins University

    Award given at the FASEB Conference on Ion Channel Regulation

  • Droujinine

    Ilia Droujinine

    Graduate student at Harvard Medical School

    Award given at the FASEB Conference on Glucose Transport: Gateway to Metabolic Systems Biology

  • Budin

    Itay Budin

    Miller Institute Junior Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley

    Award given at the Gordon Research Conference on Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids

  • Tagliabracci

    Vincent Tagliabracci

    Assistant professor at the UT Southwestern Medical Center

    Award given at the FASEB Conference on Protein Kinases and Protein Phosphorylation