Virtual Issue: The PDB in JBC

The PBD in JBC
The Protein Data Bank is an authoritative voice in the development of structural biology standards and protocols, a valuable model for other scientific collectives, and an inspiring treasure trove that underpins the majority of modern biological chemistry research. The editors at JBC have long recognized the value of this digital archive, encouraging authors to deposit their structures as early as 1977 and requiring deposition prior to publication a dozen years later. Similarly, structural biologists have long found a home at JBC, with more PDB codes linked to JBC papers than any other journal. In this virtual issue, we celebrate the 50th birthday of the PDB by highlighting a few of the seminal structures published in JBC since 1971, including classics across a variety of fields and some of our most highly cited papers. And since JBC is now gold open access, the papers in this collection – like all JBC content – are freely available to all; download and read them today!

The cover art shows the binding of insulin, shown both as yellow dots and as an enlarged insulin monomer “worm,” to insulin receptors and the processes that are triggered downstream. The original artwork was created by David Goodsell and Jane Richardson. Artwork by EJ Marklin.

Assembled by Lila Gierasch and Helen Berman; published March 2021

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